Peek inside a utopia where cats live in harmony with artificial intelligence.

For 12 days, Ghostbuster, Pumpkin, and Clover spent time indoors each day. They had food, water, and air conditioning. They had high ledges to perch on, cozy nooks to sleep in, and a floor-to-ceiling scratching post. Every surface was covered in carpet so they could climb and explore freely.

In the middle of the room stood a robotic arm controlled by an AI, connected to a computer vision system. Every few minutes, the AI instructed the robot to offer the cats a game. Over time, the robot learned which games each cat enjoyed the most.

Would you let a robot care for your pet?

Show dates
Thu 8 Aug
ongoing from 13:00 untill 20:00
Fri 9 Aug
ongoing from 13:00 untill 20:00
Sat 10 Aug
ongoing from 13:00 untill 20:00
Sun 11 Aug
ongoing from 13:00 untill 20:00
14 - CCHA
Kunstlaan 5
3500 Hasselt
For all ages
Wheelchair accessible

developed in collaboration with the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham 

funded by UKRI via the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub

co-commissioned by Queensland Museum for World Science Festival Brisbane 2023, Science Gallery at King’s College London

cat environment by We Make Stuff Happen

supported using public funding from Arts Council England

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