A self-driving aquarium bike, a boat ride over dry seas, and a gate made of dusty books. Johann Le Guilerm will leave you astonished at every turn. This is spectacle in its purest form: breathtaking and enchanting.

Mix a bit of mathematics with a dash of physics and add a dose of imagination. What you'll see are geometric wonders and ingenious constructions. Astounding tricks make the impossible possible. This is the most thrilling circus imaginable!

Step into the poetic cabinet of curiosities of this eccentric master. He leads you into a breathtaking show that captivates the imagination of young and old alike. A unique experience unlike anything else. An absolute must-see!

Show dates
Wed 7 Aug
Thu 8 Aug
Fri 9 Aug
Sat 10 Aug
13 - Circus tent city park
3500 Hasselt
100 minutes
From 8 years old
Standard (online)
Standard (box office)
Companion pass
Wheelchair accessible

conception, staging and interpretation Johann Le Guillerm

creation & musical interpretation Alexandre Piques

light creation Hervé Gary

light manager Lucien Yakoubsohn

stage management Anastasia Saltet, Anaëlle Husein Sharif Khalil in rotation with Marion Bottaro, Paul-Emile Perreau in rotation with Franck Bonnot

general management Alizé Barnoud

costume Paul Andriamanana Rasoamiaramanana assisté de Mathilde Giraudeau

constructors Silvain Ohl, Jean-Marc Bernard

construction assistant Pauline Lamache

production Cirque ici - Johann Le Guillerm

in coproduction with 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie Cirque Théâtre Elbeuf & La Brèche à Charbourg, L’ Agora, Pôle National Cirque Boulazac, Aquitaine / Le Channel,  Scène nationale de Calais / Le Volcan, Scène nationale du Havre/ Théâtre de Sénart, Scène nationale Théâtre de l’Agora, Scène nationale de l’Essonne - Théâtre de Corbeil Essones / Le Carré Magique Pôle national des Arts du Cirque en Bretagne / Cirque Jules Verne, Pôle National Cirque et Arts de la Rue, Amiens / Archaos, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Méditerranée / La Ville du Mans / Les Quinconces L’Espal scène nationale du Mans / Tandem - Scène nationale d’Arras - Douai / Les 2 Scènes, scène nationale de Besançon

avec le soutien de l'Onda - Office national de diffusion artistique

artistic residences La Brèche, Cherbourg Pôle National des Arts du Cirque en Normandie - Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale, Paris - La Fonderie, Le Mans - L’ Agora, Pôle National Cirque Boulazac, Aquitaine - Le Channel Scène Nationale de Calais - Cirque Théâtre Elbeuf, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque en Normandie

Cirque ici - Johann Le Guillerm is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication (DGCA et DRAC Ile-de-France), by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Institut français), by the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, by the Ville de Paris

Cirque ici - Johann Le Guillerm is hosted by the Mairie de Paris at the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale for a creative research residency(Direction de la Culture et Direction des Espaces Verts et de l’Environnement) and he is a member of the association of the city of sustainable development

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