An ode to all foundlings who ever lived and to the imagination and curiosity about our origins. A performance in unique visual language about a child who goes in search of her own beginnings in order to grow (up).

Near the former home of Stefanie Claes is a ‘baby hatch’, a place that fascinates her immensely. The image of a newborn child with no identifiable roots is the beginning of a story that is important to Stefanie. In old city archives, a foundling is regarded as someone without a past. But surely everyone comes from somewhere? What significance does a past have for your present and your future? The names of the foundlings were inspired by the circumstances in which the children were found: from Marie Orgie and Engelbertus Dorstig to Maria Ijsrol and Anne Theresia Kermis.

In a unique way, Stefanie tells the story of a child growing up and searching for her own beginnings in order to grow. The result is an intimate miniature performance for adults at which children are welcome.

Show dates
Wed 1 Nov 2023
Wed 1 Nov 2023
1D - Dance studio
Theatre building Dommelhof
Toekomstlaan 5
3910 Pelt
80 minutes
From 10 years old
Standard (online)
Standard (box office)
Companion pass
Wheelchair accessible

concept, ontwerp en spel Stefanie Claes 

feedback en dramaturgie Simon Allemeersch, Barbara Claes, Sofie Van der Linden 

lichtadvies Iwan Van Vlierberghe 

affichebeeld Sarah Yu Zeebroek

een productie van Lucinda Ra i.s.m. De Studio

met de steun van Vooruit, KAAP

met dank aan Het Bos, CC Het Gasthuis Aarschot, Het Oude Badhuis, WALPURGIS/deFENIKS

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